Bryan Fuller News – Hannibal Ep Pulled

If you’ve followed Wonderfalls creator Bryan Fuller and star Caroline Dhavernas over to the new NBC show Hannibal, you’ll already be well aware that the show is pretty, well, gory. What else would you expect from a show about one of fiction’s most famous serial killers?

But in light of all the recent tragedies — most notably the Boston bombings — the Peacock network has opted not to show the fourth episode of the fledgling series, titled Ceuf, because the storyline (about children murdering children) was deemed too dark.

In some minor good news for those against censorship, NBC has made parts of the episode available as a mini-web series, reports BWWTVWorld. Americans (and those proxy-savvy international viewers) can head over to the NBC website to view the watered-down webisodes right now. Rumor has it that some international stations may choose to show the four episode in its entirety — at which point it will no doubt show up online through various means.