My So-Called Life News – Cast to Reunite at ATX

Fans of cult favorite My So-Called Life will want to start saving up for tickets to Texas. The show’s cast members will be reuniting at the ATX Festival in Austin this June, reports the Huffington Post. Unfortunately, the show’s main headliners, Claire Danes (Angela Chase) and Jared Leto (Jordan Catalano) will be absent from the reunion. Also sitting this one out are A.J. Langer (Rayanne Graff), Tom Irwin (Graham Chase) and Lisa Wilhoit (Danielle Chase).

So who does that leave?

According to the article, the following cast members will join show creator Winnie Holtzman in Texas this June:

  • Wilson Cruz (Rickie Vasquez)
  • Devon Odessa (Sharon Cherski)
  • Bess Armstrong (Patty Chase)
  • Devon Gummersall (Brian Krakow)

For those of us unable to get to Texas, we can only hope someone will record the proceedings so we can watch them online.