Hannibal News – Outlook Grim?

Poor Bryan Fuller just does not seem to have much luck when it comes to keeping awesome shows on the air. According to TV By the Numbers, the show is hovering on the cusp of cancellation. Currently, it’s a toss up whether it will be cancelled or renewed, but the Cancellation Bear is holding off for just one more episode before moving the poor show into the ‘likely to be cancelled’ category.

Meanwhile, the show has been pulled from the air completely in Salt Lake City, Utah. The local NBC affiliate, KSL TV, has decided to stop showing Hannibal, “due to the extensive graphic nature of this show,” reports EW. The show, however, may find a second life on the local CW channel.

And what a shame it would be if the show gets cancelled, since a recent interview with Hugh Dancy reveals that Fuller has a full five seasons planned out in his head. You can read the full interview here.

But to end on a more positive note, enjoy this behind-the-scenes look at the last episode, and a sneak peek from tomorrow night’s Entrée, courtesy of Bryan Fuller’s Twitter account. Meanwhile, TV Guide also shares some details about the new episode, which features guest stars Eddie Izzard and My Girl‘s Anna Chlumsky.

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