Bryan Fuller News – Reviving Pushing Daisies, Wonderfalls, DLM?

As we mentioned yesterday, Bryan Fuller hopes to have Lee Pace and other Pushing Daisies stars back to guest star on his new show Hannibal. But in his heart-of-hearts (Coeur d’Coeurs), the creator is apparently hoping for something a little bigger: a Pushing Daisies movie.

“From the moment the show was canceled, I’ve been trying to do a Pushing Daisies movie and started writing a script for it,” Fuller told E! Online. “The best chance for it to happen, perhaps the only chance for it to happen, would be through something like Kickstarter.” He added that he plans to contact both Veronica Mars creator Rob Thomas — to learn more about how Thomas successfully pulled off the Veronica Mars movie project — and Warner Bros. — to see if they’ll allow it to happen. “But I would, Oh my God, I would love to get those actors together again. I have what I think is a very cool story; it’s just a matter of finding out if it’s possible. I think it would be such an interesting sentimental return.”

Yep, he’s started the script. Of all things, Pushing Daisies would turn into a zombie movie… with a typical Fuller twist. “If we were able to pull off the Kickstarter, there’s a very fun zombie film that starts with a flash-flood in a cemetery and basically is about those denizens of that cemetery having to kill Ned before he can kill them, so it’s a different kind of zombie movie,” Fuller explained to Den of Geek.

Although he has less concrete plans for them, Fuller added that he’d also love to bring back Dead Like Me — but as a series, not a movie. Despite the ten-year gap since the show went off the air, he’d want to use the same actors as well: “There’s much more of the fantastical that I wanted to include in the show that I wasn’t able to do because I left after four episodes.”

He left DLM to do Wonderfalls, which got the axe far too soon, airing only a few episodes on Fox but at least getting a full season run on DVD. Fuller, of course, wasn’t done with Wonderfalls either: “I would also love to revisit Wonderfalls; that’s why I have Gretchen Speck-Horowitz (Chelan Simmons) in an episode of Hannibal because it is a form of mourning I think, kind of not wanting to let those things go.”