Joss Whedon News – Amy Acker Talks Much Ado

Working with Joss Whedon is a singular experience, at least to judge by the loyalty of his stable of actors. One of whom recently had a chat with Truth on Film about what it was like to reunite with Whedon, and to film a Shakespearean play over the course of just a few weeks.

The lovely lady was none other than Miss Amy Acker, of course, who headlines Joss’ small-budget Much Ado About Nothing, due out June 7.

Acker, who plays Beatrice (opposite fellow Angel alum Alexis Denisof), says that Whedon managed to add a lot of subtext and comedy while remaining true to the bard’s words and vision: “The fact that everyone has drinks in their hand pretty much from the time that credits are rolling; you start to understand how everyone is confused and seeing things that aren’t really happening,” she notes.

Experience working on the film was unique. It was shot at Whedon’s home, and principal photography took only 12 days. But Acker says, for those who are used to working on a television schedule (filming an hour over eight days), “it almost felt luxurious in the sense that we got to have a couple of weeks of rehearsal before we shot.”

But it wasn’t without its stress. Whedon is not someone you want to disappoint, explains Acker in the interview. But, she adds, when he calls and asked you to do a project, you do not hesitate to agree: “Yes? Yes. No, yes. Whatever you’re asking… yes. I’ll do it.”

For more delightful tidbits on what it’s like to work on a passion project with Joss, check out the full interview over at Truth on Film.