Hannibal News – Save the Show!

Hannibal fans — or ‘The Fannibals’ as they’ve dubbed themselves — have launched a five course dinner plan to save the show. This Thursday, May 9, you can join your fellow fans in helping to save the show by partaking of many courses, from aperitifs (liking the Facebook page and emailing NBC) through to dessert (sharing your love of the most recent episode on Facebook).

Check out the full menu on our Tumblr, and reblog if you’re a member of the social networking site. For the Tumblr averse, we’ll outline the full menu below as well:

Thursday, May 9

Aperitifs: Like the official Facebook page, email the NBC
Entrée: Share this invitation and menu through different social sites
Main meal: Tweet #SaveHannibalNBC
Side dish: Tag the official Facebook page as you watch the episode
Dessert: Exclaim your love of the recent episode on the official Facebook page

While you’re at it, you can also take a moment to add your signature to the petition as well, which is being directed towards the decision-makers at NBC.

Know of any other fan campaigns? Let us know in the comments or drop us a line through our contact page, and we’ll feature them on the blog.