Nikita News – Strong Chances of Renewal

Although we probably won’t know for sure until the CW upfronts on May 16, several sources are saying that Nikita stands a strong chance at a fourth season renewal, despite sadly dismal ratings. A lot of speculation was inital suggesting the show might get renewed for a truncated season, getting just enough of a fourth season to bring the episode count up to 100: the magic number for syndication.

But now some sources are thinking Nikita might actually have a shot at a full season. TV Wise, for instance, had the following to say:

Nikita, on the other hand, has been subject to varying degrees of chatter over the last few days. I hear that the series will be renewed for a fourth season. Nobody has a clear read on the episode, order but there has been increasing talk of late that it will be for 22 episodes rather than the shortened order of 10-13 episodes, which is a notion that has been circulating for quite some time.

TV by the Numbers is also looking extremely favorably on Nikita‘s chances of renewal. In their final predictions, Odds Makers Robert and Bill gave the show an 85% and 100% chance at renewal respectively.

In fact the Cancellation Bear is downright confident in his prediction of Nikita’s renewal, posting the following on Twitter:

Screen Shot 2013-05-07 at 2.04.11 PM

Screen Shot 2013-05-07 at 2.04.23 PM

Here’s hoping these sources are actually right and Nikita fans can rest easy (at least until the question of a fifth season comes up). But we here at Cult TV are going to keep our fingers crossed until we hear an official announcement, no matter how confident the predictions may be.