Hannibal: All About the Bromance

However much you choose to read into it, there’s no denying that the relationship between Will Graham and Hannibal Lecter is truly the heart of Bryan Fuller’s new take on the Thomas Harris novels. In Hannibal, the titular character has taken on the role of therapist to the FBI consultant, but we’ve quickly seen their relationship grow into something more like friendship… even if we know they must some day end up at odds with one another, given Lecter’s predilection for killing and eating people.

But fans aren’t wrong to enjoy the friendship between the two leads while it lasts. “Our show is about the bromance between Will Graham and Hannibal Lecter — Hannibal is so unique in his crazy and Will is so unique in his crazy, and these two crazy men need each other to understand themselves,” explains Fuller in an interview with Digital Spy.

In the books, Will Graham met Hannibal Lecter twice — they didn’t really know each other or have a relationship. Will Graham was so traumatised by the Minnesota Shrike that he goes into therapy and is committed to a mental institution. In our show, he’s not in therapy with any old psychiatrist, he’s in therapy with Hannibal Lecter!

Therapist, friend, ally… maybe more? Well, some fans think so, although the idea of a romantic pairing between Hannibal the Cannibal and mild-mannered Graham has proven somewhat divisive, writes the Daily Dot.

Of course, to experienced Internet users, slash fiction (in its broadest definition: writing fan stories wherein two characters of the same gender are romantically or sexually entwined, regardless of their orientation in the source material) is hardly anything new. And with two such charismatic leads, we’d be more surprised if slashers weren’t flocking to the show. But however you choose to enjoy the budding relationship between Will and Hannibal, here’s hoping there are plenty more episodes in which to watch it grow.