Nikita Gets a Fourth Season!

Nikita has been picked up for a fourth season, reports EW this evening. The CW‘s action-drama was looking good for renewal chances despite its sadly dismal ratings, and it seems predictions have come true: Nikita and the gang will be back in the fall. According to EW, it could be the lowest-rated broadcast drama to ever get renewed.

TV By the Numbers is saying that it will, however, be a shortened season, with just six episodes.

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The CW also renewed its other ‘on the bubble’ show, The Carrie Diaries, and has picked up four new hour-long shows, including superhero-based The Tomorrow People, aliens-based Star-Crossed, futuristic The Hundred, and historical prime time soap Reign. What this means for Nikita’s chances of getting out of the Friday night “time-slot of death” remains to be seen.