Nikita’s Short and Final Season

As we reported yesterday, Nikita will definitely be back in the fall. Cutting into our jubilation a little, however, is the idea that the spy drama will get only a truncated fourth season, which is almost positively its last one.

Nikita (Nikita character)

Nikita (Nikita character) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We won’t know exactly how many episodes the show will have to wrap up its storylines until the CW upfronts next week, but TV Line has heard rumors that it’s likely to be just six episodes.

Showrunner Craig Silverstein has confirmed that it definitely will be a shortened season, even if we don’t yet know just how short: “#Nikita will return but not for a full season. We can promise an incredible finish though,” he wrote on Twitter.

While we’ll be sad to let the show go, it’s nice that they will at least have time to wrap things up, instead of leaving on an unanswered cliffhanger or abruptly axed at the midseason.