Arrested Development Season Four Trailer

It’s the final countdown. Fans of Arrested Development take note: the time is almost here! With only a few weeks left before new episodes arrive, excitement is really building up. If you missed it this weekend, Netflix launched the first official trailer for the new season, giving us our first good look at all the major players.

From what we can tell from the trailer, Michael is in Phoenix looking for a fresh start. George Michael seems to be away at college and spending time with cousin Maeby. Lindsey and Tobias are still together and still not in love. George Sr. is looking for a job for one of his inept sons. Buzzards are landing in a new Bluth development. Kitty is still around (and still crazy), and it looks like the Bluth company might be moving into a basement office. There’s an ostrich running around Lucille’s apartment. GOB’s still doing magic. Lucille and Buster are probably still living together, and Buster is dealing with night terrors. And, well, all the old insanity and hilarity is back, we hope.

Arrested Development‘s fourth season arrives on May 26, only on Netflix. All episodes will be released at the same time, and it seems unlikely that the streaming service will make anymore, so best enjoy this batch while they last. But there’s still hope for more: this batch of episodes was designed to get fans up-to-speed and bridge the gap between the original run of episodes and the follow-up movie.