Hannibal’s Fate Still Undecided

NBC has released their full 2013-2014 line-up, including their supposed midseason schedule, and Hannibal is nowhere to be found. Despite this, the same press release still insists that a decision about the Bryan Fuller-helmed show still has yet to be made.

Pick-up decisions on “Celebrity Apprentice” and “Hannibal” are still to be made in the next few weeks.
NBC Press Release via TV by the Numbers

According to the network press release, Thursday’s 10 p.m. slot will belong to Parenthood. The network also has two dramas (Chicago PD and The Night Shift) as well as a comedy (Undateable) as unscheduled midseason replacements, ready to go if a schedule show is cancelled.

So Hannibal is still in limbo between renewal and cancellation, but there doesn’t seem to be any space for it on the fall schedule. “We would be a mid-season show, if picked up,” wrote Fuller on Twitter this weekend, meaning the best we can hope for is to see it in the spring.

Although the network has officially released their midseason schedule as well (with no sign of Hannibal upon it), there are likely to be some lineup changes between now and then, as NBC discovers how well its new and returning shows perform in the fall.

Maybe the network suits are just dragging out the cancellation so that people don’t give up on the show before the end of the season, but here at Cult TV, we prefer to think positive. Without an official cancellation notice, we like to think there’s still time to effect change. Of course, the number one way to help the show is to tune in, get your friends to tune in, watch it live, watch it online, and really get those ratings up, notes Bleeding Cool. But you can also join in fan campaigns such as signing the petition to save Hannibal. And Tumblr user ktgay has kicked off a mailing campaign, which you can read about here.