Could Hannibal Find New Life on Cable or Amazon?

No, there is still no official word on whether Hannibal has been cancelled or renewed, and it remains the only network broadcast show still hanging about in limbo. But even if the worst does happen and NBC gives Hannibal the axe, it might not mean curtains for our favorite serial killer. Rumor has it that at least one cable network is interested in possibly picking up the rights to the show, if NBC drops it, and online retailer Amazon may also be interested in adding it to its streaming service, reports Deadline.

There are no hard commitments being made yet, and the show’s producers haven’t even started shopping it around to other networks, since NBC has not yet officially passed on it. Explains Deadline:

There are no talks going on and Hannibal has not been shopped as the producers are waiting on a renewal at NBC. Hannibal, from Gaumont International Television, is produced under a different model at a license fee that is a fraction of what dramas with similar production values cost.

Of course, probably the best case scenario for the show is if NBC gives it the go-ahead for a full season. And since there’s been no official word, there may still be time to impact the network’s decision. Check out our write up on ongoing fan campaigns to see what you can do to help the show. And remember to join in the #EATTHERUDE Twitter trending campaign tonight (May 16) during the show’s broadcast (10/9 c).