It’s Official: Nikita Gets 6 Episodes to Wrap Up

The CW has announced their fall 2013-2014 schedule and Nikita is nowhere to be seen. Instead, Fridays will now be all about fashion, with The Carrie Diaries at 8 p.m., followed by the never-ending America’s Next Top Model at 9. But Nikita was renewed, so why isn’t it on the schedule? Alas, the spy show, as predicted, has been given a very short order: the network has granted Nikita just six episodes to wrap up the ongoing plotlines.

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When exactly those six episodes will appear so far remains to be seen. It’s currently listed as a midseason replacement, but it could perhaps even be subbed in should one of the network’s five new dramas fail to excite their viewership. Obviously, with only six episodes, it won’t be enough to carry even half a season on its own.

You can read the full press release here, and details about Nikita‘s new season are right at the bottom. But spoiler-phobes beware: the write-up makes it kind of clear just how this season is going to wrap up, so you may want to hold off until after tomorrow night’s (May 17) broadcast.