CW Prez on Nikita’s Final Season

While the CW press release issued yesterday confirmed that Nikita is getting just six episodes to wrap up next season, the show did not actually appear on the 2013-2014 fall schedule, replaced on Friday evenings by The Carrie Diaries. 

Luckily, Nikita fans might not have to wait until spring to get their bittersweet ending: E! spoke to the network president Mark Pedowitz about the show, and it sounds like our cult-favorite spy show will be back in late autumn.

The game plan is to use Nikita later in the fall… [The show] will probably start production mid-July, maybe late August.

He also spoke about the short episode order, considering a usual TV drama runs 22 episodes in a season, and even a midseason replacement usually gets 11 to 13 (The Carrie Diaries, for instance, is getting 13).

We felt that six episodes was the way to go. We wanted to give the fans a conclusion.

So it depends on how you choose to look at it: at least the show is getting a chance to wrap up its storylines and send the characters off with some dignity, unlike some of the other shows we’ve loved over the years. And at least fans can watch tonight’s finale without worrying if this will be the last they’ll ever see of our rogue crew.