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Joss Whedon Now on Twitter

He’s finally done it: cult hero Joss Whedon has jumped aboard the Twitter bandwagon with his own account,¬†@JossActual. Granted, Whedon is no stranger to the bird-oriented social network: he’s been tweeting through the… Continue reading

Joss Whedon News – Amy Acker Talks Much Ado

Working with Joss Whedon is a singular experience, at least to judge by the loyalty of his stable of actors. One of whom recently had a chat with Truth on Film about what… Continue reading

Firefly News – Netflix Chances Not Great?

The Netflix revival of Arrested Development has cult tv fans dreaming of their own shows being brought back by the streaming service. But Arrested Development was a unique type of show — one… Continue reading

Joss Whedon News – Positive Buzz for Much Ado

Joss Whedon’s new film — no, not Avengers 2, the other one — is currently making the film festival circuit, and its performance at the IFFBoston was apparently enough to cause StarPulse to… Continue reading

Firefly News – Nathan and Morena Head North

Canadian Firefly fans take note: Nathan Fillion (Captain Mal Reynolds) and Morena Baccarin (Inara Serra) will be in Toronto this August for FanExpo Canada. The event runs from August 22 to 25, and… Continue reading

Joss Whedon News – Much Ado About…

With all the growing excitement around Avengers 2, Joss Whedon’s passion project, Much Ado About Nothing¬†continues to gather steam. Here we have the release of the UK trailer, which gives a nice look… Continue reading

  • Arrested DevelopmentMay 29th, 2013
    Arrested Development arrives on Netflix!
  • MSCL ReunionJune 6th, 2013
    The My So-Called Life cast reunites at the ATX Festival in Texas.
  • Much Ado About NothingJuly 7th, 2013
    Joss Whedon's Much Ado About Nothing arrives in theaters.
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