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Next on Kickstarter: Friday Night Lights?

When Rob Thomas and Kristen Bell launched their Kickstarter campaign to fund a Veronica Mars movie, they made waves. And the campaign’s roaring success — raising over $5M of a $2M goal; not… Continue reading

ATX: My So-Called Life, Veronica Mars & More Cult Faves

We already mentioned about the My So-Called Life mini-reunion taking place at the ATX Television Festival in Austin next month (June 6-9), but the festival has now added some new panels, including those… Continue reading

  • Arrested DevelopmentMay 29th, 2013
    Arrested Development arrives on Netflix!
  • MSCL ReunionJune 6th, 2013
    The My So-Called Life cast reunites at the ATX Festival in Texas.
  • Much Ado About NothingJuly 7th, 2013
    Joss Whedon's Much Ado About Nothing arrives in theaters.
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